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Zhang Liyin - 爱的独白 (Agape, written by Zhang Liyin, Wang Yajun)

The music video for Zhang Liyin’s ‘Agape’ starring EXO’s Huang Zitao and f(x)’s Song Qian is a tribute to the victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The plot is based off a true story of a selfless mother who protected her child throughout the 7.9-magnitude earthquake.

When the mother was discovered by the rescuers, she was already crushed to death. But the rescuer noticed her weird position, kneeling on the ground with both of her arms supporting her upper body, they later found her 3 to 4-month-old baby, wrapped in a blanket, sleeping soundly under her, still alive. After that, the doctor found a phone kept inside the baby’s blanket and on the screen was a message that said: "My beloved baby, if you can live, please you must remember that I love you." [x]

Thank you for bringing back this story of a mom’s bravery and selflessness, Zhang Liyin through her lyrics and voice, and Huang Zitao and Song Qian through their acting.

There’s nothing more touching and greater than a mother’s love. To all the mothers in the world, thank you ♡ With so many tragedies emerging these days, let’s pray for the safety of everyone and may the victims rest in peace. You are loved 

(Source: wang-zitao)